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Table 2 Some recent MS incidence rates in Russia (according to latest published data)

From: Epidemiology of MS in Russia, a historical review

Cities MS incidence
Eastern and Central parts of Russia
 Moscow 2.6
 Orel 1.9
 Yaroslavl 2.8
 Voronezh 2.1
 Nizhniy Novgorod 1.9
Volga-river regions
 Kazan 2.9
 Ufa 2.0
Southern parts of Russia and the Northern Caucuses
 Stavropol 1.8
 Rostov-na-Dony 1.5
 Volgograd 9.8
Ural region and the Western Siberia
 Tyumen 1.8
 Tomsk 2.1
 Novosibirsk 3.5
The Eastern Siberia and the Far East
 Irkutsk 1.6
 Blagoveshensks 2.1
 Yakutsk 1.2