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Table 2 Alemtuzumab meets almost all the criteria that are expected from the ideal disease-modifying immunosuppressive/immunomodulatory drug for multiple sclerosis

From: Alemtuzumab for multiple sclerosis: the new concept of immunomodulation

Criteria of the ideal immunosuppressive drug YES Partially NO
Rapid biological action X   
Rapid clinical effects X   
Long-lasting effects X   
Low frequency of injections/administrations X   
Respect the patient’s quality of life X   
Acceptable costs   X  
No non-specific toxicity X   
Low risk of opportunistic infections X   
No increase risk in cancer X   
No increase in antibody-mediated autoimmunity    X
No increase in severe antibody-mediated autoimmunity   X  
No increase in mortality X   
Manageable cytokine-release syndrome X   
Immune system re-modelling/re-shaping X