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Table 2 Diagnosis of RRMS based on the McDonald criteria

From: Insights on diagnosis and therapeutic decision-making patterns for multiple sclerosis treatment: cross-sectional opinion survey results from Japanese neurologists

Question and answer Overall
(n = 205)
Sub-group by the number of MS patients under care P value
Group 1:
1–3 patients (n = 69)
Group 2:
4–9 patients (n = 58)
Group 3:
≥10 patients (n = 78)
Group comparison* Trend test
Question: Can dissemination in time and space be determined for the purpose of diagnosing RRMS in the presence of 1 clinical attack with a single MRI scan?
Yes, n (%) 177 (86.3) 54 (78.3) 51 (87.9) 72 (92.3) 0.152a
  1. RRMS relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, MS multiple sclerosis, MRI magnetic resonance imaging
  2. *Percentages were compared in groups of two using the chi-square test, and the corresponding P values are indicated for the following comparisons: a: Group 1 vs. Group 2, b: Group 1 vs. Group 3, c: Group 2 vs. Group 3
  3. The trend across the three groups was tested using the Cochran-Armitage test