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Table 1 MSQLI Measure and Scoring

From: Quality of life differences between African Americans and Hispanic Americans with multiple sclerosis

Outcome Measure Scale
SF-36 HT single item covering change in health status over the last year 1-5a
SF-36 PCS generic physical components summary scale 0-100b
SF-36 MCS generic mental component summary scale 0-100b
MFIS impact of fatigue on a patient’s activities 0-84c
PES impact of pain on a patient’s mood and behavior 6-30c
SSS sexual satisfaction problems 4-24c
BLCS bladder control problems 0-22c
BWCS bowel control problems 0-26c
IVIS impact of visual problems 0-15c
PDQ perceived cognitive impairment 0-80c
MHI Total overall emotional functioning 0-100d
MHI Anxiety anxiety presence 0-100d
MHI Depression depression presence 0-100d
MHI Behavioral the ability to control one’s behaviors 0-100d
 MHI Positive Affect experience of positive moods 0-100d
 MSSS perceived social support 0-100c
  1. Abbreviations: MSQLI multiple sclerosis quality of life inventory, SF-36 36-item short form generic health status questionnaire, HT health transition item, PCS physical components summary scale, MCS mental component summary scale, MFIS modified fatigue impact scale, PES MOS pain effects scale, SSS sexual satisfaction scale, BLCS bladder control scale, BWCS bowel control scale, IVIS impact of visual impairment scale, PDQ perceived deficits questionnaire, MHI mental health inventory, MSSS modified social support survey
  2. aSF-36 HT scale: 1, much better, 2, somewhat better, 3, same, 4, somewhat worse, 5, much worse
  3. bHigher scores indicate better health
  4. cHigher scores indicate greater amount of measure
  5. dHigher scores indicate better mental health